Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth Communicator

Posted: July 05, 2016
Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth Communicator
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In the original Star Trek series, the communicator was a super long-range walkie-talkie Starfleet ships used to message between or within each other. Over time, it became an artifact of the future as seen through the eyes of the past--the future being outer space in the 2260s, and the past mid-1960s network television. Now the communicator gets a Bluetooth-enabled layer of the present added to it, turning the device into a real philosophical mind trip. And a sweet toy for Trekkies.

ThinkGeek created the Star Trek Communicator by injecting 3D scans of the alpha hero prop with Bluetooth technology so it will pair like a wireless speaker to your compatible phone or other devices. You can then use it as an input or output speaker, taking hands-free calls from your friend Cornelius in sickbay (too many Jell-O shots on the 4th of July) or streaming music to the main bridge to drown out your own hangover headache.

The Communicator replica even includes 20 authentic sound effects and Enterprise crew voice clips, and has the trademark flip-to-answer feature. Like your phone did 15 years ago.

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