Sphero 2B

Posted: January 18, 2014
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A couple of years ago, Sphero became the first robotic ball gaming system maneuverable through a tilt, touch, or swing from connected smartphones or tablets. Sphero can roll on tabletops, serve as a handheld controller for on-screen gameplay, and even help teach its users the basics of programming. Compatible with both iPhone and Android, the rolling dome of plastic has since gone through one functionality upgrade to Sphero 2.0, and now as we approach Fall of 2014, it's going to evolve further. Into an even more powerful gaming bot, and from a carefree white ball of mirth to a wicked black cylinder of Evil.

Knievel, that is. The Sphero 2B purports to magnify the previous versions' intensity with "mad speed" and "sick tricks." At your command it will be able to bolt along the floor at 14 ft/s, launch through the air like catapulted midget, and then tumble safely back to the earth like a catapulted midget with a gymnastics background.

2Bs will also get their own collection of tires, hubcaps, and accessories users can add and swap out to customize the roller to dominate any terrain. Built-in infrared technology will enable multi-player games, and hacker-friendly software will facilitate the efforts of those inclined to program their Sphero--or amy of Spheros--to hunt down and eradicate all spiders that infiltrate the sanctuary of their bedrooms.

Anticipated Sphero cost when the 2B hits the shelves is $99 or less. Head over to the Sphero Website to reserve yours in advance.

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