Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Posted: May 16, 2018
Smartphone Screen Magnifier
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Hey Dad, I got you a smartphone screen magnifier! Happy Father's Day, ya blind ol' bat!

Not just a reading glasses substitute for those whose eyes ain't what they used to be, this magnification glass and stand set for mobile phones enhances the viewing experience for anyone who's watching a video or movie on the (really) small screen, or forcing others to crowd around their phone to look at baby photos. The phone screen magnifier enlarges display images by 2 to 4 times, and, according to maker Oct17, sits at an optimal viewing angle on its foldable stand.

When not in use, the screen magnifier breaks down to flat, with the organic glass and PU leather case closing and securing shut like a journal. The viewer is compatible with most Android and iPhone models.

If you still prefer phone screen magnification the old fashioned way, check out ThinOPTICS, ultra-slim reading glasses that attach to the back of your phone case.

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