Retro TV Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Posted: January 04, 2018
Retro TV Smartphone Screen Magnifier

I doubt this retro TV smartphone screen magnifier will allow Mama & Pops to toss out their reading glasses, but in enlarging their Android or iPhone screens to 2 to 4 times original size, they'll at least now be able to see them with glasses on. Maybe even at font size 12 instead 24.

Of course, if you go for the retro TV screen magnifier as a gift for Dad or Mom, know that your duty as thoughtful son or daughter won't end there. This is a DIY kit, a flat-packed cardboard system of "television" projector and "VHS cassette" phone holder. And you will definitely have to put it together for them. Or yourself if the old boob tube magnifier tickles your own nostalgia.

Assembly doesn't seem too hard, a series of folds, locks, and affixes to turn the TV set and cassette from 2D to 3D. In addition to making the blurry visible to some, the magnifier can help those with normal vision avoid eye fatigue from staring at a small screen while watching movies and videos.

True to history, the retro TV smartphone screen magnifier does not have a remote control, so you'll have to get up, remove your phone, and physically change your Netflix channel from Happy Days to Mork & Mindy.

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