popSLATE E-ink Case for iPhone

Posted: January 16, 2015
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Get a popSLATE case and turn the back of your iPhone 5 or 6 into a second screen. Why? Because it's cool looking. It's one more way to show off selfies and photos of your kids. And, surprisingly, it can serve a few purposes that are actually useful too.

popSLATE iPhone cases, available in black or white, feature 4" ePaper displays on their back sides that can collect and display information from your digital phone screen. The low-power cases are always on and collaborate with a popSLATE app to transfer information such as boarding passes, maps, to-do lists, and calendars to the other side of your iPhone for quick access or continued visibility when the phone (inevitably) dies while you're using it.

Cases connect via Bluetooth and have a weeklong battery life on a single charge. Using one of them instead of your iPhone for extended viewing of an image or graphic will help extend the battery life of the phone as well. popSLATEs themselves are thin and lightweight, but still provide full-service phone protection.

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