Paperback - iPhone Post-It Notes

Posted: September 14, 2013
Paperback - iPhone Post-It Notes
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Although I recently made the astute observation that no one uses pens to write things down anymore, now that these Paperback sticky notes will allow us to merge ink with our iPhones, it's possible some people will reacquire the habit. Sold in 80-sheet sets, Paperbacks are perfectly sized to fit the iPhone 5, and can be applied to the back of the phone either singly or in small stacks. The adhesive on their reverse sides covers most of the notes' surface area so they stay flat until removal.

Paperback handiness ranges from the storage of easy-access grocery and to-do lists, to the recording of the ingenious thoughts and ideas that always seem to have vamoosed from memory by the time you unlock your phone, navigate to the right Notes app, and start pecking away at your touchscreen.

They can also fill the traditional Post-It role of sticking to someone's back and projecting the directive, "Kick Me."

Muchas danke to HiConsumption.

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