NomadClip USB & Lightning Cable Carabiner

Posted: September 10, 2015
NomadClip USB & Lightning Cable Carabiner
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According to Nomad carabiners have "a thousand uses" and their NomadClip has "a thousand and one." Namely: faithfully serving your smartphone with its hidden Micro USB or Lightning cable.

The NomadClip is made of impact-resistant reinforced steel with polycarbonate oversized welds. And while I wouldn't finish up charging my iPhone with one, and then go use it to rappel out of my Skylodge, the little carabiner that could should prove to be strong and durable as both a cable and an EDC item dangling from your belt loop or looped through your keys.

NomadClips with USB-Lightning ends are Apple Mfi-certified. Those with USB-Micro USBs just work great without the Ghost of Steve Jobs' approval. Charging speed is 2.4 amps and USB 2.0 data.

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