Mini Cell Phone & Bluetooth Headset

Posted: January 07, 2020
Mini Cell Phone & Bluetooth Headset
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There are so many wonderful things about the L8star mini cell phone and Bluetooth headset in addition to the obvious, which is that it is wee little tiny, and heart-warmingly nostalgic. The others include:

  • The phone functions as both a novelty Bluetooth earpiece, allowing you to talk hands-free and listen to music from your paired smartphone, and a standalone cell phone when you insert a Nano SIM card.
  • It's "lighter than the lighter!" A clever bit of wordplay from a clearly Asian import whose product description is otherwise a bit rough.
  • According to L8star, the mini mobile and Bluetooth earpiece has health benefits! It emits 1/7th the radiation as other smartphones, and therefore "is the best mini phone to protect the pregnant women and baby." Yeeeeahhh. Now that's the kind of rough (but so fun!) translation I'm talking about.

The not so wonderful thing about the L8star mini cell phone and Bluetooth headset is that a lot of people who bought it say it's a wee little tiny piece of crap. Not everyone, but a lot. So you'll have to weigh how attached you are to retro cell phones and miniatures against how attached you are to American dollars, and make the call (or make no call if the phone arrives nonfunctional or busted) for yourself.

Like the littleness of the L8star cell phone, but want a mobile that operates more like a smartphone? Check out the itty bitty Jelly 4G smartphone.

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