Krane Smartphone Elevator

Posted: June 10, 2019
Krane Smartphone Elevator
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Krane is a low-tech accessory for your high-tech smartphone that will elevate it to the next level. Like eye level. Or overhead. Or face-down for an unboxing. More than a simple mount or stand, the Krane is a smartphone elevator that adjusts separately from its yaw, pitch, and roll axes to position your phone - or your Nintendo Switch - exactly where you need it.

You can use Krane for ergonomic and unobstructed viewing mounted above a laptop, kitchen counter, or game controller. Or, phonetographers and YouTubers, make it part of your one-man filming crew and use the elevator to rig up your phone for taking photos, and recording videos and product reviews.

Krane is made of sustainably-sourced wood. Its arm extends between 18" and 30" long. Assembly is required, but should take less than 10 minutes, and the smartphone elevator folds up and stored flat when not in use.

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