Kiano 4 iPhone Keyboard

Posted: January 30, 2012
Kiano 4 iPhone Keyboard
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Some people have sworn 'til death do us part with their iPhone, but still find themselves yearning for the tactile pleasure of depressing more prominent QWERTY buttons. It's not that they don't think their iPhone is perfect just they way it is, it's just that they wish it had a little something...more...to keep them happy and interested. The Kiano 4 iPhone keyboard is a slim, completely unintrusive Bluetooth insert that adds a slide-out, push-button keyboard to the iPhone 4. The augmentation gives the device's formerly flatter-than-Kansas touchscreen keyboard a much more user-friendly look and feel. It's a subtle addition that makes an already hot piece of technology even hotter. In fact, after attaching the case, and gliding the keyboard forth from beneath the phone's rear panel, you literally will not be able to keep your hands off of it.

The case/keyboard combo comes in black or white, with options of clear top paneling, or an opaque retractable cover. It is compatible with the iPhone 4 series, versions iOS4.1 and up. While the cell phone accessory market does have a bevy of less expensive sliding keyboard brands to choose from, most are bulkier than the Kiano's 4.6" length, 2.4" width, 0.6" height, and 2.8 ounce weight, and make the phone look like its had some cheap work done.

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