iPhone Xs Tesla - Solar-Powered Phone

Posted: November 29, 2018
iPhone Xs Tesla - Solar-Powered Phone
$4,450 - $5,910
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And you thought the iPhone couldn't get any more expensive. Caviar combines the technology of corporate and pop culture darlings Apple and Tesla to produce the iPhone Xs Tesla, a smartphone fitted with a solar-powered battery for easy, eco-friendly recharging anytime your phone sees the light of day.

Hopefully the Lightning port is still there for when you drain your battery taking selfies, posting to IG, calling Lyfts, and coordinating Tinder hookups at night.

While Caviar uses a real iPhone X in its design, I believe the "Tesla" portion of the name was just chosen in honor of the company and Elon Musk's innovations in solar batteries. Caviar's description of the phone is an awkward translation, but it doesn't appear that actual Tesla parts were incorporated into the build.

Additional visual elements of the iPhone Xs Tesla include a monochrome black color, shock-resistant case, gold-plated accents, and the futuristic horizontal slats of the solar battery itself.

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