hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove

Posted: September 13, 2012
hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove
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Gloves with finger pads for smartphone touch screens have officially been around long enough for this hi-Call glove handset to debut and just annihilate them on the awesome meter. Powered by Bluetooth, the left glove of the pair has a speaker and microphone sewn into its thumb and pinky, allowing users to mime the universal "Call me" gesture, while actually making and receiving calls. The talking gloves also keep digits warm and dial-dial-peck-peck ready with their wool blend fabric and touch screen control technology, plus guarantee strange looks from passersby in public.

hi-Call talking gloves are compatible with all mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth. They have an operation range of 39 feet, and a continuous use battery charge of 20 hours. Perfect. About the length of my conversations with girls I pretend to listen to when I am still trying to impress them. Both men's and women's sizes are available in black and grey. The gloves can be dry cleaned after one too many times of forgetting to say it don't spray it.

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