Figment VR - Virtual Reality iPhone Case

Posted: November 17, 2015
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Figment. It's a little bit of your imagination, and a little bit of jacked-up VR and AR tech to make that imagination come to life in front of, as well as behind your eyes. It's also the first virtual reality / augmented reality smartphone device that doubles as a case, folding up all slim and pocketable when not in use.

Developed for iPhone 6 / 6s and 6 Plus, Figment maintains all of the benefits of smartphone VR headsets--immersive movie and virtual travel experiences, augmented gaming--but removes their bulk. The 2-in-1 case has a pair of slide-and-flip lenses that make it possible to switch instantly from finger-scrolling through the morning news on the bus to getting lost in a game of 3D zombie shooting when you hit a traffic jam that adds another 30 minutes to the commute.

Figment VR cases will protect your iPhone as any other case would, as well as keep all ports, cameras, and function buttons accessible. They will not, however, provide the same "blackout" immersion as other smartphone VR accessories since the lenses have no top or side walls. I guess that's the price you pay to carry virtual reality in your pocket.

Back the Figment VR project on Kickstarter and you'll have your pick of a black or white case for $49, a $30 discount on the anticipated retail price once the company goes into full production. The crowdfunding campaign runs through January 12, 2016.

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