CLIC - Real Marble iPhone Case

Posted: March 04, 2017
Clic - Real Marble iPhone Case
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Add just 18 pounds to the weight of your iPhone with a real marble case! Just kidding. Though CLIC really is a slice of genuine marble, when Native Union saw it fashioned into an ultra-classy phone case they kept its thickness to a wafer-thin 0.8mm, and weights to between 1.1 ounces (iPhone 6/6s) and 1.7 ounces (iPhone 7 Plus).

CLIC Marble Cases come in black and white and show off patterns of intricate, conversely white and black veins. No two patterns, and therefore no two cases are alike.

More than just a style statement, Native Union stands by their CLIC Marble's performance as a protective case for your iPhone. Once each layer of marble is cut it is then laminated to a layer of fiberglass to give it some flexibility, making it easier to take on / off your phone, and also making the marble itself shatter-resistant. Like your countertops at that sculpture you leaned on when your girlfriend dragged you hungover to some Italian something at the art museum, CLIC Marble is always cool to the touch. Even when your phone gets hot with 45 minutes' worth of directions from a chatty Google Maps lady.

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