BZ Smartphone Holders

Posted: July 28, 2020
BZ Smartphone Holders
$14.99 - $49.99
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Phone holders of phone holders. Smartphone stands of smartphone stans. Maybe it's depressing what this set of BZ Smartphone Holders symbolize, but, I mean, they're accurate. Especially the dude lounging in the chair - LIKE Mike they call him - with that horrible posture. Look at the curve in his lumbar spine! Dude needs a Backpod, stat.

The BZ Smartphone Holders, sold either individually or as a set of 4 shadowy humans doing smartphone things, include:

  • LIKE Mike, the hunchback-waiting-to-happen, so names because he's "spreading his Likes everywhere."
  • FEED Reid, here to prop up your phone while he updates the feed on his own.
  • TWEET Pete, the vigorous Twitterer.
  • SELFIE Stephi, the perfect gift for your girlfriend, always snapping the perfect Insta photos and vids of herself.

BZ Smartphone Holders prop up phones either vertically or horizontally. They are made of metal.

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