Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recorder

Posted: March 09, 2018
Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recorder
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Oh just an innocent little Bluetooth phone call recorder I've got here. No malicious intent when I use it, nope, none whatsoever. Exposing? Bating? Framing? I don't know what you're talking about. I plan to use my PR200 call recorder to capture phone conversations with my fiancee, who always says I don't listen to her and forget everything she tells me. Now with a Bluetooth wireless recording device, I can play back our talks over and over and over again to make extra sure I've heard and memorized everything, and can relay it back in detail the next time she brings it up. Weeeeee!

OK, fine. Since the recorder gets both ends of a cell phone convo, I'm also going to use it to get my friend Cornelius to admit he's the one who broke my mama's porcelain flamenco dancer figurine when we were at her house trying to joint juggle some Madballs.

The PR200 can record calls made on any Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone. Once connected, conversations are wireless routed through the device, so you'll hold your PR200 to your ear to talk rather than the phone itself. You can also use the stick as a standard handheld digital voice recorder.

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