Batmobile iPhone 6 Case

Posted: February 05, 2015
Batmobile iPhone Case

A few bucks shy of being able to afford the jet turbine powered Batmobile? How about buckling your phone up in one instead? Specifically, this most excellent and radical and schwing!-worthy replica Batmobile case for the iPhone 6. Note: Late 80s/early 90s jargon is appropriate because Bandai Toy Company's "Crazy Case Batmobile" design is based on Tim Burton's stylization of the Dark Knight's car during his 1989-1992 stint spearheading the franchise.

The Batmobile case for iPhone 6 has not yet been released, and once it hits the virtual shelves, it appears purchasing will initially be limited to Asian markets. Oh, chin up, Robin, it'll get here eventually. You finally made it into the movies, didn't you?

Crazy Case Batmobile includes an LED lighting system and--booyah!--a projector that casts the Bat-Signal. On the case's touchscreen side are Batman's utility belt to hold it in place, and a camera lens access via pop-out front wheels.

Want a Crazy Case for your iPhone 5/5S? Get the Batmobile Tumbler version here.

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