PENTAX VD 4x20 WP 3-in-1 Binoculars

Posted: August 11, 2020
PENTAX VD 4x20 WP 3-in-1 Binoculars
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Who wants to do some spying sightseeing? The PENTAX VD 4x20 WP 3-in-1 Binoculars have you covered. How about a little girl bird watching on the beach with a friend? Split apart the PENTAX VD 4x20 WP, and get yourself a pair of monoculars to zoom in on those good times too. And when you're in the mood for some government drone star gazing? Stack one barrel of the PENTAX VD 4x20 WP on top of the other, and make yourself a telescope.

PENTAX goes for the hat trick with their new multi-purpose binoculars, which can be used as conventional 4x magnifiers, a pair of 4x scopes, or a 16x high-power telescope. To match their performance to their gadgetry, PENTAX has treated all reflective surfaces of the optical elements and prisms with multiple coatings to prevent flare and ghost images.

The PENTAX VD 4X20 WP binoculars have a waterproof bod, both so you can use them in all weather conditions, and rinse them clean when they get dirty.

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