Pavashot PenShot Self Defense Pen Launcher

Posted: March 16, 2023
Pavashot PenShot Self Defense Pen Launcher
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Havashot at the Pavashot PenShot, and sendashot towards a human or animal attacker up to 30' away. The launching of Pavashot's proprietary PAVA aerosol powder will even expose a jagged-edged ring at the end of the self defense pen you can use for follow-up activities, such as glass breaking and eye gouging.

And when you're not PenShotting off its pepper spray alternative, you can use the Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge inside for PenningShot a note to your mama, or filling out the PowerBall ticket that will surely win you enough cash to hire a professional security team that will carry and use PenShots for you.

The Pavashot PAVA powder installed in the PenShot ejects in a plume of non-toxic, food-grade 16,000,000 Scoville capsaicin that doesn't need to make a direct hit on its targets to effectively debilitate them. The standard PenShot load is 2.5 grams of 0.5% PAVA - one is included with purchase - but you can upgrade this to higher strengths of up to 5.0%.

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