Wheelmate Steering Wheel Work Surface

Posted: February 02, 2016
Wheelmate Steering Wheel Work Surface
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What is this an April Fool's Groundhog Day joke? Why do I need an ergonomic work surface while I'm driving? It's hard enough to shave, text, and eat panang curry from Pretty Thai for a White Guy when I'm behind the wheel. I don't think I can add Photoshopping myself a 6-pack on my laptop to the mix.

Of course AutoExec intends their Wheelmate to serve travelers and mobile workers needing to TCB in a parked car, but come on. This is a sight for Internet fodder and snarky Sharks in the tank to behold.

The attachable work surface latches on to vehicle steering wheels to provide a "work solution for tablets or writing." In all fairness, if you are sitting on the driver's side for a stint, trying to jot notes or send a few emails, it would be nice to have somewhere to set your stuff besides the center console. The Wheelmate is made of powder-coated wood and designed to stow between car seats when not in use.

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