USB Metal Business Cards

Posted: June 21, 2012
USB Metal Business Cards

Here's another idea that could have been mine if I had better ideas: laser-engraved business cards with USB drives. For storing resumes and cover letters. Portfolios of design work, writing, and music. Company sales pitches and marketing information. Seductive photos and videos.... All the things you'd like to hand out with your business card but, until now, would have been somewhat unwieldy, and possibly inappropriate for public display.

Sleek and compact, the brushed stainless steel cards are laser-etched digitally with company logos or personal designs, as well as desired individual contact information. USB flash drive storage sizes start at 1GB and go up to 64GB, with Fibonacci Sequence increments available along the way. Insert and read the cards in a USB 2.0 port in the exact same way you would any other flash drive.

USB Metal Business Card measurements are 3.346� x 2.126�, and 0.079� thick. Manufacturer PureMetalCards will give price quotes upon request, based on quantity and client location.

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