Treadmill Desk

Posted: September 23, 2012
Treadmill Desk
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TrekDesk. For if you're insanely efficient. Or always making excuses. If vertical treadmills and the monotony of conveyor belting aimlessly at the gym aren't your thing. If you have restless leg syndrome. If you are a complete masochist and just want to bring on the tag team of torture that is working like a dog and working out like a sweaty beast. The TrekDesk soups up the rising trend of stand-up workstations by fitting over a a full-on treadmill belt and console.

Compatible with most home treadmills, the TrekDesk desktop measures 72" long x 34" wide, and attaches via two, height-adjustable support legs. Its center cutout maintains easy user access to machine controls, as well as positions the body appropriately for typing or mouse manipulation. The desk is also fashioned with a manuscript holder, file folder with three levels, accessory slots, a top stand for a telephone or headset, and two cup/utility holders.

In addition to combatting Americans' march toward morbid obesity, TrekDesk research shows that users also report elevated moods and increased productivity. Due to its state of perpetual motion increasing blood flow to the brain, treading while working too may improve memory by as much as 15% over a 6-month period.

TrekDesks are adjustable in height, and designed for users between 5'4" and 6'4" tall. They support up to 55 pounds of equipment and (supposedly) set up in 30 to 45 minutes.

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