The Complaint Department Grenade Sign

Posted: September 06, 2017
The Complaint Department Grenade Sign
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When I saw this "Complaint Department" sign with a "Please take a number" directive pointing right at the pin of a grenade, I first assumed it was meant for the office. I know my boss would sure like to have one.

I wonder if he knows how bad the rest of us would like to have one for him too.

But now that dig deeper into the Complaint Department sign for this review, I can see it working in many environments. Like, I'll bet my mama would love to hang one up in her kitchen. Especially once me and my buddies start going over there to watch football and asking her why the NFL she made vegetarian chili instead of pork carnitas this time.

Bars and restaurants could hang the sign by their host stand, parents outside their bedroom door. Yeah, yeah, it's just a stupid novelty gift. And I'll bet the grenade isn't even real. But still. Complaint Department Sign: +1 for making me chuckle today.

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