Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

Posted: February 09, 2019
Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board
$149.95 - $179.95
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Is the standing desk fad still standing strong? If not, the Revolution Focus standing desk balance board is sure doing a stand-up job of making it interesting to me again. Not only does the possibility of falling on my ass at any given moment seem like a good way to stay awake at work, but the rocking and tilting motions the board makes possible look like good times.

Better times than staring at my computer screen sitting in some creaky IKEA POS with one wheel that refuses to move in sync with the others anyway.

The difference between using an officially named standing desk balance board at your standing desk instead of a regular gym-style board seems to be mostly aesthetics - styles that blend in with other office decor - and maybe a sturdier, 8-hour-workday design. The Focus comes in 3 different colors / surface styles, and you also have your choice of Standard and Pro models.

Standard Focus boards come with a single base - a cushy disc with a spiked bottom that provides a reasonable wide and low area of floor coverage. That is, when you put the balance board on top of it, you probably won't fall off immediately.

As opposed to the Revolution Pro edition, which includes a roller base too. It's narrower and higher and requires some real athletic skill to stay upright on. Even Revolution notes the roller base is more for trying to improve your balance off the clock than trying to improve the numbers in your Q1 report on it.

Revolution says using the air cushion base and Focus balance board at your standing desk improves both focus and fitness, engaging your entire body, and particularly your core. So you're working brain and body together at work. All day long. And you thought you knew exhaustion before.

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