Nakabayashi Kurukkiru Handheld Manual Paper Shredder

Posted: April 11, 2023
Nakabayashi Kurukkiru Handheld Manual Paper Shredder
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Know what will be shredded in addition to your old bills and confidential documents after a few rounds with Nakabayashi's handheld manual paper shredder, the Kurukkiru? Your wrists and forearms. In fact, I'd say after, like, 3 years of old tax returns, you'll be ready to play Popeye in the next reboot.

Intended for those who don't have large quantities of paper to shred (i.e., the law-abiding non-hoarders amongst us) the Kurukkiru Paper Shredder is a compact design you can easily store on your desk, or in one of its drawers. Crank, and crank, and crank the side wheel to feed and ribbonize your paper, one sheet at a time.

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