LEVUS Zero Gravity Ergonomic Workstation

Posted: June 08, 2023
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Weightlessness. Ergonomics for your back, eyes, and arms. Total comfort. Total workstation pimp-out. I get it, LEVUS, I do. But I also see the photos of people using your zero gravity ergonomic workstation, and I see...the infirm. Hospital patients. Paraplegics. My 600-Lb. Life.

Maybe if you gave it a scorpion tail arm like Imperatorworks Chairs, or enclosed it in a futuristic egg dome like the Cooler Master Orb X, the LEVUS would present better to those of us with healthy bodies who are just looking to keep them that way during the 8 hours of day we spend sitting at a desk.

And 8 more hours after that we spend sitting at a gaming station.

The LEVUS Workstation focuses specifically on 3 areas of the body typically trashed by long term sitting and computer staring:

  • The Back. LEVUS reduces vertical pressure on your spine with a cush lounge chair that creates an open hip-spine angle of 120 degrees in its suspended, permanently reclined working position. The design also distributes bodyweight evenly across the surface of the seat, so it's not just your butt pressing down.
  • The Eyes. LEVUS accommodates 2 monitors mounted at specific distances from your eyes. One attaches to the workstation crossbar about 31.5" away, and the other on a distance extender 51" away. Its makers say if you keep switching your focus between the two while working, the activity will flex your eyes and irises, preventing the excessive eye strain many experience while staring for hours at screens set at a single distance from their eyes.
  • The Arms. Keyboard and side tables have adjustable heights and angles so you can set them wherever is optimal for your body. A custom-made hardfoam LEVUS handrest adds comfort while typing.
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