Justick Electro Adhesion Boards

Posted: November 03, 2016
Justick Electro Adhesion Boards
$34.99 - $399.99
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Justick! I say it all the time to weak magnets and unruly Post-Its Justick, dammit! And now, lo and behold, I can have a Justick Electro Adhesion Board. A white (or black) board sized from desktop to boardroom to tri-fold trade show presentation that needs no push pins, magnets, tape, or glue to make things stick to it. Using electrostatic surface technology, Justick boards are able to draw objects you want to display or present into their behold-the-magic-of-physics arms and keep them there, unmoving and unharmed, until you're ready to peel them back off.

Justick surfaces attract papers, cards, photos, even CDs if you still have any of those lying around the house. Using 4 x AA batteries, the boards generate electrical energy, which flows through their energized surfaces and creates Coulomb Forces strong enough to attract most of the lightweight objects you'd want to Justick up.

Justick Boards have a polymer-based overlay that shouldn't ghost or stain over time, and can be used as a standard whiteboard with dry erase markers as well.

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