Inkless Pen

Posted: September 07, 2012
Inkless Pen
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Adios, pocket protectors! Inkless pens are the way of the future. OK, probably the way of the future is the elimination of pens altogether, in favor of app-controlled telekinetic writing implementations, but in the interim, we have Jac Zagoory's Beta, an anodized aluminum scrawling instrument that contains no ink, never needs to be refilled, and promises not to run crying to the pencil sharpener after every 30 minutes of use. Or ever.

The Inkless Pen's wee metal tip is made of lead, so it effects a gray line similar to that of a pencil, but doesn't smudge and cannot be erased. It functions smoothly on most paper surfaces, in any temperature or weather condition, and during quests to deface the first guy who passes out drunk at a party.

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