Homework Desk & Work Table

Posted: September 23, 2021
Homework Work Table

"Homework," a desk and work table from Tomas Kral, is a pretty damn cool design. More importantly, it's a pretty damn cool design dudes and ladies who know their way around a toolbox could probably DIY for their own WFH offices and craft / maker spaces on a Sunday afternoon.

The basic Homework table construction consists of an oversized aluminum panel sandwiched and secured between 2 pieces of thinnish wood. The aluminum that overhangs the back and sides of the desk is then folded and shaped to form a "refined extension," as Kral calls it. I might call it an open storage pipeline, because that sounds like both legit workshop and annoying corporate lingo. The recessed run is generous in depth and runs around 2/3 of the perimeter of your work space, so you can use it to hold anything from books and docs, to tools and materials, to your hoodies and jackets.

Kral used ash wood for the Homework table's minimalist top and bottom surface and legs.

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