Executive Knight Pen Holder

Posted: December 17, 2014
Executive Knight Pen Holder
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Your Paper Mate Fine Point Rollerball, my Lord. Yeah. That's how all men of my stature should be handed their pens. Though maybe I would have my bowing-in-reverence Executive Knight hold an UZI Defender tactical model instead. So it's more like a sword and...no, wait, what am I thinking?! Pen? No pen. My knight would hold a joint. And I'd call him Sir Tokesalot. Obviously.

The most disciplined of his highness' servants, this Executive Knight Pen Holder holds a perpetual knee and a perpetual bow along with your writing (or smoking) instrument of choice. He also comes with a pen, so if you share the medieval man of valor's taste I guess you can just use that one too.

The Executive Knight portion of the pen holder is made of resin, and the included pen is metal with refillable black ink.

Another terrific household item to let a knight hold for you: toilet paper.

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