DeskView Suction Cup Standing Desk

Posted: July 11, 2021
DeskView Suction Cup Standing Desk
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I don't know, DeskView suction cup standing desk. I've had enough bad run-ins with suction cup soap holders and shower caddies to be pretty skeptical of your holding power. That is, your ability to resist crashing down onto my feet, perhaps roughly grazing my crotchal region, the moment I set down my laptop and coffee.

But, nay, according to DeskView's creators. Their suction cup stand-up desk "installs fast and holds strong." The desk was designed in Chicago and uses aerospace-grade aluminum brackets and patented suction discs to keep the DeskView in place during use. And after use. And during another use. And another. They say a single DeskView mount will hold for days, months, even years. And when you do remove the suction cups, they'll leave no marks on your window or other glass mounting surface.

DeskView weighs 9 pounds, making it relatively portable, but is built to hold up to 40 pounds. Portability is an interesting concept here, since I'm not so sure how coffee shops, and other businesses and public spaces, will feel about you waltzing in and suction cupping a DeskView to their window to work or study. But as a minimalist, low-profile, lightweight stand-up desk that installs in about 10 seconds, it would make a great WFH gift. Especially for people with tight spaces, or who want to come out of the basement into the light of day to make some slides and take a Zoom call every once in a while.

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