Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Decal

Posted: March 04, 2014
Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Decal
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The problem with free speech is that it makes everyone think it's OK for them to say something. For our forefathers, free speech meant frank debates and sweeping public addresses. Today it means Facebook tirades, anonymous comments on websites, and car decals. The Constitution gave Americans the power to opine. And technology gives us the means of exercising that power in a way that both reaches the broadest audience possible, and more or less absolves us of all accountability for our words.

For example, some people like to show off their perfect little families with stick figure decals splayed across their cars' rear windows. And other people like to express their disdain for these braggarts with decals of a Tyrannosaurus Rex devouring their stupid line-drawn kin. Mmmm, says T-Rex. Your stick figure family was delicious.

StickerCiti's Your Stick Figure Family was Delicious decal requires 8" x 5-1/4" of vehicular glass space. Unlike actual stick figure family decals, which are best displayed on the windows of minivans or any type of Subaru wagon, T-Rex vinyl stickers project their optimal effect when affixed to an F-150 or a 1985 Chevy Impala with camo duct tape holding up its rear bumper. Decals have no background and attach with clear transfer tape.

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