Star Wars Shooting Targets

Posted: November 09, 2013
Star Wars Shooting Targets

Apparently, we're allowed to take aim only at the Dark Side. Sneaky Studios didn't design any of their Star Wars shooting targets with Luke or Han or Yoda behind the bullseye, which in a way cuts out an entire buyer demographic, but also in a way is only right because ethically it's OK to promote violence against the bad guys, but not OK to promote violence against the good ones. Though in that vein, Vader represents a bit of a moral conundrum, doesn't he? Do we really want to put a bullet/blaster beam/saber in the heart of a man who has the potential to repent? And who, in that repentance, will end up destroying the evil entity he helped to build? Uh...this is too much for my brain to maneuver around right now...ever...so how about we all agree not to buy the Vader target, or buy the framed version and refrain from shooting at it, and go for Sneaky Studios' other, clearly evil Star Wars characters instead:

  • Stormtrooper with Leia in a Half Nelson. Seller Firebox recommends setting your blaster to stun because "she's no good to the Empire or the Alliance dead."
  • Boba Fett in Full Gear.
  • Snarling Rancor. Original Star Wars concept artists described the ogre as a cross between a bear and a potato. I would never shoot a bear. But F potatoes.

Star Wars shooting target prints are available both framed and unframed.

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