Pickled Boobies & Butts Jars

Posted: May 23, 2018
Pickled Boobs & Butts Jars
$7.65 - $13.90
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Boobies and butts, butts and boobies! Now pickled for your gustatory pleasure!

No, not really for your gustatory pleasure, for your viewing pleasure only. These jars of pickled butts and pickled boobies (and pickled people heads if you're super weird) are not edible. And not made of real butts and boobies either. Red Vessel Designs weaves, puckers, cracks, and nipples them out of some kind of textile, and then smooshes them together in jars to create the perfect novelty gift for your favorite ass man or breast man. (Or super weird decapitated head man.)

Red Vessel Designs notes their jars of human body parts make hilarious additions to bachelor and bachelorette parties, and I am just glad my best man Cornelius did not see the boobs in time to get some for mine, because they're, like, 2 notches too disturbing to me. Like, the more I look at them the less I ever want to have a boobie in my mouth again, and if I ever got to that point, there's no point. To anything.

Pickled boob and butt jars stand 3-1/2" tall.

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