Offensive Crayons

Posted: September 19, 2018
Offensive Crayons
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If your favorite pastime is being offended, get ready for hours of fun with Offensive Crayons. And even if you're open to the politically incorrect, unless you're Daniel Tosh politically incorrect, you might wince at the idea of coloring a moving neutral abstract out of Miscarriage Maroon and Travel Ban Brown, with accents of Insufferable Vegan Green, and the unavoidable wash of Privilege White.

Bored of coloring with the same old hues, and perhaps anticipating the excitement to be had in poking and riling up others, Offensive Crayons have replaced the Reds, Yellows, and Blues in your wet blanket box of Crayolas with vibrant descriptions of some of today's most, well, colorful topics.

They're blunt. They're direct. They're irreverent. And yeah, true to name, Offensive Crayons are a little offensive. But, hey. Times are changing, the pop culture marketplace is thriving, and Donald Trump Orange is the new Barack Obama Black.

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