Nose Outlet

Posted: April 15, 2014
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Usually the best part about any Japanese product is the video they make to go with it. This Hanaga Tap, or nose outlet's, may not be as bizarre and exaggerated as some, but given that they make the development of a human nose designed to give the appearance of having an electrical cord piercing/trail of snot hanging from it look comparable to, like, scientists inventing a AA-sized battery that can power an entire city, I still think it ranks as a must-see.

The fine curves and smooth surfaces of the nose outlet were created by ekoD design studio and realized with the help of crowdfunding. Available in white, pink, or black (what, no neon mucus green as the video led me to believe?!) these perfectly constructed schnozes fit into any 2-pronged outlet, where they will await any 2-pronged device's insertion into their nostrils.

Nose outlets can also double as models of dream noses rhinoplasty candidates show their plastic surgeons.

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