No.2 ASSence Prank Perfume

Posted: October 28, 2019
No.2 ASSence Prank Perfume
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Eau de toilette meets eau de toilet with No. 2 ASSence, The Fragrance. It's a prank perfume not only in name and packaging, but also, uh on the nose, with a scent seller Gagster describes as "a fart, the smell of a skunk who ate tacos, or the odor of an abandoned public toilet...or all these things, all at once!"

Who needs a dirty Santa or white elephant gift?

Valentine's Day gift for an ex?

If you feel like the gag will be up the moment a recipient opens their bottle of No.2 ASSence prank perfume, just grab a bottle for yourself and douse your friend Cornelius' favorite jacket in it.

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