Dehydrated Water

Posted: April 20, 2018
Dehydrated Water
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Dehydrated Water: it's just like a cup of Ramen, only without the Ramen! This can of premium water is all natural and contains no artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, antibiotics, or weird, unpronounceable ingredients. And as long as the water you add to the Dehydrated Water to make it potable doesn't either, the cool and refreshing resultant 16-ounce drink won't either.

Also unlike Ramen, Witty Yeti's Dehydrated Water is reusable; in fact, a single can will provide you with an infinite supply. Whenever you're thirsty, all you have to do is add water and, poof!, your Dehydrated Water is ready to drink!

Obviously a swell gag or novelty gift, I'd also recommend some Dehydrated Water to anyone looking for a gift for an athlete.

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