Cat House for Humans

Posted: May 01, 2018
Cat House for Humans
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According to Bibi Lab, 10.4 humans per hour Tweet, "I want to be a cat!" In response to this rampant cat envy, and also because Bibi Lab is a Japanese retailer, and this sort of thing isn't even a little weird in Japan, the company made a cat bed for humans. So all of you ladies (and dudes?) out there pining to be feline, grab your cat ears, cat tails, and cat suits*, and get ready to shove yourself inside this pink, pointy-eared dome, curl up into a ball, and take that cat nap you've been dreaming of.

The cat house sized for humans looks to me like little more than a glorified fort. With some ears on top. I guess the shape and look, plus the wooly cushion inside, are common for cat houses though, so if you're looking for a novelty gift for one of these crazy cat people, knock yourself out.

*OK, with the right kitty accessories, I guess you could turn a human-sized cat house from something weird and disturbing into something weird and super duper sexy.

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