Boxes in a Box Prank Gift

Posted: December 20, 2022
Boxes in a Box Prank Gift
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Uh, is the price of the Boxes in a Box Prank Gift a prank too? And here's the other thing: while in an abstract sense I like the idea of watching someone get increasingly frustrated opening a packing product Russian Doll, in practice it would never play out. Anyone who's not an idiot (i.e., anyone but a shockingly large number of Representatives in the United States House) would "see what you're doing here" by the third box, and stop opening them. Everyone in the room would make a half-hearted chuckle or two to be polite, and then move on to the next gift, which, real or prank, would almost certainly be better than Boxes in a Box.

And the company that made this thing is called "Witty Yeti?" Not this time, dudes. Try again.

Also, while I understand most gifts, and gag gifts especially, aren't much better than trash, maybe come up with one that isn't literally intended for it.

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