Bookie Cushion - Whoopee Cushion Bookmark

Posted: December 11, 2022
Bookie Cushion - Whoopee Cushion Bookmark
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The Bookie Cushion, a whoopee cushion Bookmark from Fred, accomplishes something very rare: it manages to be both the perfect gift for kids and the perfect gift for Dad this holiday season. It could easily slip into your white elephant gift exchange and family member stockings too. What a versatile, low-tech fart machine that also encourages reading!

The Bookie Cushion adopts a more traditional, oblong bookmark shape, and trades in Aunt Jan having a seat at the dinner table for the kids and Dad closing their books to achieve its masterful effect. But masterful its effect remains, as you use a blow valve at the top to inflate the Bookie Cushion, and then slam your two covers together to let 'er rrrrrrip!

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