A Sack of Sh*t

Posted: November 15, 2018
A Sack of Sh*t
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And I'm not talking the emoji poo kind. Getting a Sack of Shit in your stocking this year is way worse than a lump of coal (and way, way worse than the delightfully handy Wild Coal) and giving a Sack of Shit to someone else, even as a white elephant gift, pretty much makes it clear you don't want to have lunch in the biospheres with them. Or maybe it just sums up how you feel about gift giving, and the holidays, in general.

If you decide to take the plunge(r) and get this Sack of Shit you, or your recipient, will be able to fish out 4 unique colors and shapes of poop. All are around 2" to 3" in size, so likely from someone who eats only...eh, nevermind. I've had enough of this shit.

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