Napwrap Multi-Functional Travel Armrest

Posted: March 16, 2018
Napwrap Multi-Functional Travel Armrest
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For those hesitant to divide and extend their airplane seat armrests, Napwrap will let you eliminate the need for an armrest altogether. The soft wrap loops and twists through your arms to create a self-contained support during travel. The Napwrap design also keeps your hands free to move around, adjust your travel pillow, read, and take a drink of your complimentary sodie.

Napwraps are made out of breathable mesh and cotton velour. You can also use it as earmuffs or an eye mask to muffle sound / block light, or wear it as an armband that will hold your phone or MP3 player. When you're moving between modes of transport, Napwrap storage is one of the easiest and least space-consuming: just wrap it around your luggage handle or strap.

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