Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones with Music Sharing

Posted: April 21, 2018
Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones with Music Sharing
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That Wearhaus Arc's fancy on-ear Bluetooth headphones have fancy LED rings in colors you can change with a tap running' round their ear cups might appeal to the teens and club kids out there, but me, I like something else about these purveyors of sound and pumpers of bass. Their Bluetooth-ness enables the wireless sharing of music or other audio with multiple nearby Wearhaus Arc headphones. So if you get a 2-pack, you and your BFF or S.O. or, better, two children watching The Emoji Movie at full volume in the row behind me on the airplane can listen together, and not disturb the people around you who don't want to hear Aziz standup, "Afternoon Delight," or a giant F'ing Hi-5 yelling, "Throw some sauce on that dance burrito!"

In other words, Wearhaus Arcs are social headphones for the people you want to socialize with, which also show some common courtesy to the people you don't.

The on-ear headphones are also:

  • Engineered with dual-diaphragm neodymium drivers and noise-isolating memory foam cushions.
  • Customizable with over 5 million light ring colors, including gradient effects and "pulse to the music" sound visualization.
  • Touch-controlled via a touch-sensitive panel on the right ear cup.
  • Connectable to Apple Music or Spotify accounts with a Wearhaus app for iOS and Android.

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