Vinyl-to-Digital USB Turntable

Posted: April 06, 2012
Vinyl-to-Digital USB Turntable
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We know records communicate a certain authenticity and legitimacy in the world of music aficionados, but vinyl is so easily scratched, and turntables are so difficult to bring on road trips. If you're going to cling to your albums of yesteryear, at least back them up, and render them capable of drowning out the sounds of your kids alternatingly shrieking at each other, and karaoke-ing to the Biebs in the back seat of the minivan. Frontgate's Vinyl-to-Digital USB Turntable performs lickety split conversions of both records and cassette tapes to CDs or MP3s. The streamlined stereo system also has an AM/FM radio, and built-in speakers.

For transfer to CDs, no computer is necessary, but a USB cable is included for the smooth fiber optic beaming of music from turntable to Macs or PCs. The stereo system also comes with a remote control, and includes a backlit LCD screen, headphone jack, auxiliary audio input, 5 1/2', 120-volt cord, and talking David Cassidy bobblehead that strongly recommends christening the turntable with a CD burn of "I Think I Love You".

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