Tormenta Cage Headphones

Posted: May 11, 2018
Tormenta Cage Headphones
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I haven't done too much research on BDSM audio gear before now, but if these Tormenta Cage Headphones are any indication, BDSM audio gear is more expensive than the therapy I needed after mistakenly answering, "Yes" when a young lady asked if I'd been a bad boy that one time in college. Holy crap, $6,450 to wear a ball gag while I listen to folk pop on Spotify at work? That's insane.

I bet I'd get kicked off Spotify if they found out I was doing it too.

The Tormenta Cage Headphones, obviously bigger on artistic expression than practical use, are part of a collaboration between BDSM-aired London design brand Fleet Ilya and electronic music artist Arca. They've also made a pair of Chain Padlock Cuffs to complement the headpiece.

The Tormenta Cage is made of structured black leather, and includes studded detailing throughout. The integrated over-ear headphones are covered in suede ear pads, and have a detachable post-stud cinch tab, remote, and 4' cable. There is zero discussion about the headphones' sound or internal tech and composition, so if you want to know about that, better shell out the Tormenta cash, slip them on...and get down on your knees, slave.

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