The Hydra Guitar

Posted: January 25, 2022

The Hydra Guitar might not have as many heads (well, necks) as its mythological namesake, but it has 3 times as many as a standard guitar and, more importantly, looks to have the same disposition as its serpentine sea monster counterpart. That is, ready to shred anything it touches.

A mashup of a 12-string guitar, a 7-string guitar, a headless bass, and an electric harp, The Hydra emerged from the deep, collaborative waters of guitarist Steve Vai and Ibanez Guitars. Vai's inspiration for the beast came from "Teeth of the Hydra," a song off his new album, Inviolate. That's what you hear playing in the video above.

Ibanez gets the credit for transforming Vai's ideas into a workable design, and building the steampunky Hydra you see here. Each neck of the guitar functions independently, with its own on / off switches, MIDI mixers, and sound effects.

Muchas danke to Laughing Squid.

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