The Dash - Wireless Smart Earphones

Posted: April 24, 2016
The Dash - Wireless Smart Earphones
$299 - $349.99
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The Dash is a set of wireless in-ear headphones. It's also a self-contained MP3 player. And a Bluetooth headset. A microphone. A USB stick. A heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, sports watch. It has the capabilities of at least 5 different pieces of equipment yet it fits, securely and ergonomically, right inside your ears. Maybe it's bigger on the inside.

The Dash Functions

Headphone wires that tangle, catch, and always, always break are the most obvious enormous pain in the Adam's apple the Dash addresses. The discreet earphones play back stereo sound completely cable-free. The buds themselves can serve as your MP3 player, storing and playing up to 1,000 songs with their 4GB of storage so you can truly walk, run, or capoeira in the public park without having to carry or attach an audio device. Or, for easier playlist access and increased visuals, the Dash can also pair via Bluetooth with a smartphone, transmitting your jams as simple wireless earbuds.

And if you happen to get a call while rocking out on the bus home from work, the Dash's embedded microphone will step in and enable you to use it as a Bluetooth headset. (Dash creator Bragi notes the mic is impervious to background noise too since its functionality is based on mechanical vibration generated by your voice from the ear bone.)

During workouts, the Dash can double as a fitness monitor, tracking heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and calories burned. It will track stats too--distance, speed, steps, cadence, pace, time, rotation, G-force, number of time hot girls look at you in awe....

The Dash Compatibility & Specs

The Dash is compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iPad 3 and up, Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 LE support, and a limited number of Blackberries and Windows phones. Each 1-hour earphone charge (USB) lasts for approximately 4 hours of play time, and 250 hours of standby time.

Where to Get the Dash

I don't know, I think this Dash may really be the audio-sensory version of the TARDIS. I hope it A) works and B) doesn't fall into the black hole of Kickstarter projects that raise enough money to buy me a Batmobile, and then have nothing but problems getting the idea made and shipped to backers. Speaking of which, anyone who feels the Dash hype enough to back it can do so on Kickstarter through March 31, 2014 at a reduced cost. Anticipated shipping date for early supporters is November 2014.

APRIL 2016 UPDATE: Now you can get the Dash from the same place you get everything else. Amazon, dude. Dash raised almost $3.4 million on Kickstarter, made it to production and (presumably) filled all of its Kickstarter backer orders. Now it is available for you and all your friends Cornelius to purchase directly through the AMZN with free shipping.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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