The CityRadio - Major City Radio Stations in Real Time

Posted: July 14, 2020
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Tune in, Tokyo, tune in, Tokyo - holy crap, CityRadio! It worked! That never happens when I try it with boobies. (Though as cool as the CityRadio is, the game is still more fun with boobies. Am I right, young Jonathan Silverman, or am I right?)

The CityRadio is a super swell piece of tech that connects you to real time radio broadcasts in any one of 18 different international cities. Even super sweller, you establish the connection by moving around 18 interchangeable keys marked with the names of the cities the radio supports. So clever. So creative. And the CityRadio, with its colorful, but minimalist design, has the looks to match.

Live city radio stations the CityRadio can conjure are Athens / Barcelona / Beijing / Berlin / Buenos Aires / Cairo / Havana / Istanbul / Jakarta / London / Moscow / Nairobi / New York / Paris / Rome / Sao Paulo / Sydney. And, oh yeah, Tokyo.

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