Studebaker Portable Boombox

Posted: March 06, 2022
Studebaker Portable Boombox
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Studebaker's SB2140R Portable Boombox is a mashup of the ages. Housed in its prime 80s case are a Boomer AM/FM radio, a Gen X cassette deck, a Millennial CD player, and a Gen Z Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. The latter facilitate streaming music through the boombox's built-in stereo speakers, and listening to it on wireless headphones.

Further embracing technology of all the ages - and thumbing its nose at Apple for shunning it - the Studebaker Boombox also comes with two jacks, one an auxiliary input, and the other a headphone jack. There's a USB port for playback from a flash drive too.

And if you're wondering if you can use the retro boombox to make an old-school mix tape, the answer is a resounding yes. Record to a cassette using the system's built-in microphone, the radio*, a CD, the USB port, the aux-in port, or Bluetooth.

Anyone got a large square of cardboard and the Greatest Hits of Run DMC?

*Dudes, remember the days of waiting for your favorite song to come on Movin' 92.5, and then quick like a fox trying to hit record before you missed too much of the intro? And then quick like another fox trying to stop the recording before the DJ started talking again? Ahhh, where's a hot tub time machine when you need one?

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